Sing China Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

That moment when Xuan Qing sings so good there’s two Xuan Qings in the video thumbnail.

Sing China Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

At the start of episode 8, Team Eason is winning by a lot, while the other teams aren’t doing as great. I have to say I’m a bit surprised, given that Eason is a new judge and I thought his lack of experience would be a shortcoming. However, he seems to be a good teacher, or at least a good judge of talent, since only one person from his team has been eliminated so far.

Xiao Cai Ye (Team Eason Chan) vs. Mao Zhang Yu (Team Na Ying)

Xiao Cai Ye sings 至少还有你. I think it’s an average cover, but cheers from the audience seem to disagree. The R&B genre suits her voice but the song is just so boring. Mao Zhang Yu’s song choice 烟火里的尘埃 isn’t much better. The thing with this show is it’s not so much how well you can sing, but what song you pick that can determine who wins or loses. Because these competitors who have made it this far, they probably all have the foundations of singing down. Simply being talented isn’t going to help you advance. It’s how good the song is that can make or break one competitor.

In this case I would choose Xiao Cai Ye because I’m just sick of sad songs… The judges comment that Cai Ye seems more relaxed today, whereas Zhang Yu may have been more nervous and her voice was tight today. Honestly it’s hard to tell from the video because the audio has probably been fixed by software to sound better.

Judges’ votes: Cai Ye wins with 35 votes. Zhang Yu gets 16 votes.

Xiao Ming Ye (Team Jay Chou) vs. Zhang Ze (Team Eason Chan)

Xiao Ming Ye sings Mad / 给我一首歌的时间. The song is alright, but her voice wobbles at times which I don’t think is a stylistic thing, but just a problem of pitch. Zhang Ze does a beatboxing cover of Billie Jean. Nothing will beat the original, but lol I love how Jay has the look of “shit I’m gonna lose”. Zhang Ze’s beatboxing interlude in the middle is actually the best part (maybe because he’s not singing the song).

The judges say that both contestants were nervous today. I’d go with Zhang Ze, because at least you can remember him as “the dude who beatboxes”. Ming Ye unfortunately got an average song to sing, so it would be more difficult to remember her.

Judges’ votes: Zhang Ze wins with 30 votes, Ming Ye gets 21 votes

Li Shu (Team Jay Chou) vs. Ye Xuan Qing (Team Na Ying)

Li Shu sings 位置. Good song choice. Again, it’s not like his vocals are super unique or anything, but a good song choice makes up for it. Too bad he’s going against Xuan Qing. Welp, Ye Xuan Qing was pretty much confirmed to win this round because of her godly audition performance, no matter how well she performed this time. Ye Xuan Qing sings 想自由. It’s not as good as her audition performance, but I attribute that to song choice — it’s such a classic example of the boring ballad.

If only Jay was able to save Li Shu, sigh. But it’s a tough call, since I would have saved Da Bu Xi Lei Tu (just as Jay did in a previous episode). Eason says he was more touched by Li Shu today (yes, preach). Liu Huan praises Li Shu’s vocal control, and Jay says it would be nice if Li Shu could make it to the Bird’s Nest.

Judges’ votes: Ye Xuan Qing wins with 28 votes, Li Shu gets 23 votes :(((

Zhang Wan Qing (Team Liu Huan) vs. Guo Qing (Team Na Ying)

Zhang Wan Qing sings 因为单身的缘故. This would make good background music while studying. Actually a lot of times when I’m reading, I like listening to jazz, precisely because you don’t really need to focus on the songs too much, but it provides enough noise.

Best performance of the night goes to Guo Qing, who sings 船歌. Have you ever watched a movie where you watch the main lead and you feel like the role was just built for them? I have. Go watch Gong Hyo Jin in the Korean drama Pasta. Her character is frustratingly docile at times, but the actress manages to bring a nuanced depth to her personality and brings life to the character. Guo Qing was meant to sing these Li-Jian-esque songs. Na Ying, please continue choosing these types of songs for her.

Judges’ votes: Guo Qing wins with 36 votes, Wan Qing gets 15 votes

Zhu Wen Ting (Jay Chou) vs. Wu Si Mo (Liu Huan)

Okay it’s gonna be really sad for Jay Chou’s team if Zhu Wen Ting loses, since there’s only 4 members left… The thing is his team isn’t even as weak as it appears, they probably just got unlucky with their competitors. Well, at least Da Bu and Chen Ying En (from Malaysia) are safe.

Zhu Wen Ting sings 别让梦醒来. Actually I can see Zhu Wen Ting becoming popular in the future as a mainstream pop artist. The song is alright, but not super amazing.

Hu Si Mo sings 无字歌:孔雀西去. Er, he hums it.

Image result for ? meme

Dude you’re on a show called Sing! China. ??????? How did Liu Huan think this was a good idea???????????

Judges’ votes: Hu Si Mo wins with 34 votes, Zhu Wen Ting gets 17 votes

…………….. Alright then.


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