Sing China Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Image result for 【FULL】《中国新歌声2》第9期: 周杰伦开玩笑“惹毛”刘欢 陈奕迅自称狠心导师选择放弃复活学员机会 SING!CHINA S2 EP.09 20170908 [浙江卫视官方HD]

Sing China Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Team Eason continues to win, but more importantly, Team Jay stops their losing streak. This episode marks the last of the team vs. team eliminations. From here on, the competition will be within each time, until the final Bird’s nest round. So in a sense, Team Eason is at a disadvantage in that you have to compete against more people in order to move on.

Han Shuai (Eason) vs. Zi Zi (Liu Huan)

Han Shuai sings 小鸟, originally sung by Wang Feng. I like that he controlled the verse at first and did not go absolutely crazy until the later choruses, which helped build up a climax, especially with the screaming of the final note. That being said, I was pretty meh about this performance.

Zi Zi sings 不散, 不见. The humming part is pretty cool, kind of reminds me of a Disney song. She apparently messes up on the piano but it wasn’t too noticeable. I totally understand her piano-playing mistake. When I was younger, I played in piano competitions and level examinations, and those things are so stressful. The presence of an audience just makes it worse, because I would tell myself I can’t mess up in front of everyone, which only made me feel more pressure and then dammit I would mess up. Ok back to her performance: ehhhhhh I feel like it was meant to be epic, but I didn’t really enjoy the stage.

Judges’ votes: Zi Zi wins with 26 votes, Han Shuai gets 25 votes. Meh both performances were so-so. Han Shuai is kinda cute though, I hope he continues walking the singer path.

Dong Zi Yan (Jay) vs. Xiao Chuan / Xiao Hu (Liu Huan)

Dong Zi Yan (Joanna Dong) ‘s performance here is my favorite in this episode. She’s got a lovely charisma that shines on stage, which could partially be due to her experience as a musical theater actress. Her voice is honey, her energy is infectious, and she’s gorgeous. Her lip trumpet solo in the middle is great, and it just seems like she has so much fun on stage.

Xiao Chuan and Xiao Hu are so cute. Actually Xiao Chuan’s English pronunciation is really good! I actually prefer Xiao Chuan’s voice to Xiao Hu’s, but there’s something about this couple’s duo’s chemistry that is endearing. The way that they softly look at each other while singing really enhances their performance. But in terms of actual singing, I prefer Joanna’s performance here.

Jay comments that he really thinks the two are dating, and they shake their heads to deny. Eason says they are soulmates. Jay also says he couldn’t focus on the other song after Joanna’s performance, and I’ve got to agree. She got everyone in such an upbeat, fun mood, it’s kind of hard to be immersed in such a serious song right afterwards, unfortunately.

Joanna’s wise words: About Jay turning during her blind audition after about a minute, “也许是你一秒钟的冲动,但是对我来说是会我这辈子的感动”. Beautiful. Translates as “you might have turned on the impulse of a moment, but to me it is a lifetime of thankfulness.

Judges’ votes: Dong Zi Yan wins with 47 votes, Xiao Chuan / Xiao Hu get 4 votes.

Liu Huan saves the duo, however, so they still have a chance to remain in the competition.

Wang Yue Ding (Na Ying) vs. Yu Zi Mei (Eason)

Yu Zi Mei sings 普通朋友. Ooh, I like the smooth but flirty edge she brings to the song. Solid song choice, Eason. Probably my second favorite performance of the night, after Joanna’s.

Wang Yue Ding sings 怕你为自己流泪. I’m bored by the song, but it’s not exactly his fault, I just don’t like the song.

Yu Zi Mei wins with 45 votes, Wang Yue Ding gets 6 votes.

Da Bu Xi Le Tu (Jay) vs. Xiao Chuan / Xiao Hu (Liu Huan)

So when the judges press the golden buzzer button to save contestants, the singers are given the chance to continue in the competition, but it isn’t a guarantee. All the contestants who had been revived by the golden buzzer must compete against each other, and the winner gets to move on in the competition.

Da Bu, why do you get two boring songs in a row? 😦 I’m rooting for you, so Jay, please choose a good song for him next time. The duo on the other hand showcase an impressive rendition of 当你老了. Why didn’t they sing this song earlier? It’s so much better.

Da Bu Xi Le Tu wins by a close margin with 26 votes, the duo gets 25 votes.

// Final rankings

Team Eason (winner): 7 members. Wow, this is ridiculous. Only two people got eliminated from his team!

Other teams: 4 members.

// coffeenlucia’s thoughts

Oddly enough, despite good performances from Team Eason, I don’t see any potential winners from the members. I feel like Team Eason is like this:

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 = 9 members that are each worth 90 points total. Their average value is 10, but none of them stand out.

On the other hand, the other teams at least have standouts that I can see getting to the final stage, like this:

5 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 30 = 9 members that are worth 90 points total. Their average value is 10, with some perhaps below-average contestants, but at least you have a competitor that is worth 30 points.


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