Sing China Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

 Image result for 【FULL】《中国新歌声2》第10期: 那英组内冠军战 周杰伦声称“记仇”张磊 张碧晨助阵叶炫清演唱《胡桃夹子》 SING!CHINA S2 EP.10 20170915 [浙江卫视官方HD]

Sing China Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

All members of Team Na Ying start out singing 一起拼时刻, and it actually sounds good! Their voices mesh well together. Guo Qing accidentally hurt her ankle earlier that day during rehearsals, so she will be sitting down while singing.

Na Ying has invited four guests to sing duets with the team members: Zhang Bi Chen, Liang Bo, Zhang Lei, and Zhou Sheng. Na Ying says she hopes her team can learn from the guests’ attitude towards music. She adds that she sees tonight’s performances as a family concert, since the singers include the youthful Team Na Ying but also the older and more experienced guests.

Watch the full episode 10 here.

How voting works for Team Na Ying

Jay, Eason, and Liu Huan each get 2 votes each, but they can only vote for one contestant. That’s 6 votes, added to the 51 votes from media / professional musicians for a total of 57 votes. Majority wins.

Li Ya vs. Xi Ling Na Yi Gao (Curley Gao)

The first subunit to compete against each other is Li Ya vs. Xi Ling Nayi Gao (Curley Gao). Yikes, that means Guo Qing has to compete against Ye Xuan Qing. From each subunit, only one person can move on; these two people then battle each other to be the Team Na Ying representative.

Li Ya sings a duet with Zhang Lei: 我爱你,再见. Aw, their voices go well with each other. Liang Bo and Curley Gao perform the song 男孩 next. Liang Bo is kind of cute, haha. It’s also a good performance but I feel like Curley was overshadowed by Liang. It doesn’t help that he was also playing the piano too.

Na Ying praises Li Ya and Zhang Lei for both having voices that are capable of telling stories. Na Ying says Liang Bo and Curley are both fearless young people who are able to convey themselves sincerely through song. I love Liang Bo’s face here, he’s got this nice resting idgaf face.

Whoa, Curley wins by a large margin — 51 votes to 4. Lol, one of the judges wrote “都不错”, haha Jay.

Ye Xuan Qing vs. Guo Qing

Ye Xuan Qing performs a duet with Zhang Bichen. The climax of the song is actually sung by Zhang Bichen, which I thought was an interesting move. Regardless, song choice is so much better this time around than during the previous elimination round. Guo Qing performs a duet with Zhou Sheng. Whoa, his range — thought it was a girl singing at first. Okay, this performance is brilliant — asdjfkl;.

Eason says Guo Qing wasn’t overshadowed by Zhou Sheng’s voice (which is pretty impressive, given his unique tone). Liu Huan says this PK round is interesting for two reasons:

  1. It seems like it’s a “girls vs. girls” round, with the duet between Xuan Qing and Bichen, and Guo Qing with Zhou Sheng, who sounds like a girl.
  2. When he closed his eyes, he had difficulty discerning whether Xuan Qing or Bichen was singing, as if the two singers were mirrors of each other. And Guo Qing and Zhou Sheng’s voices fit really well together like water.

Guo Qing wins with 40 votes to 17. All three judges voted for Guo Qing as well. I’m a bit surprised since at the time of Xuan Qing’s audition, I could foresee her winning the whole competition.

Curley Gao vs. Guo Qing

Curley sings 他来唱我的演唱会. It’s alright, but the song gets a bit boring towards the middle. Next, Guo Qing sings 紫. Wow. Such a beautiful and haunting song.

Oh dang there’s an interesting rule for this final round — Na Ying has 50 votes and can divide them in any way between the two team members. She asks to discuss this with the three other judges. Na Ying ultimately chooses to forfeit the 50 votes. So the final victor in Team Na Ying is to be decided by the 51 judges.

Guo Qing wins with 29 votes to 22.

Next is Team Eason’s turn to go through the eliminations. Eason and the 7 team members (7!! so many!!) sing 第一个雅皮士, which is playful and fun, and is just what I expected Eason would pick for his team.

Yan Jun vs. Xiao Kai Ye

Yan Jun and Li!! Rong!! Hao!! perform a duet of 演员和歌手. I freaking love Li Rong Hao. The duet is ok, but not outstanding. Next, Xiao Kai Ye and Kay Huang sing 生命中的精灵. It’s kind of boring.

Lmao one of the 51 judges starts off complimenting Kai Ye but it somehow turns into a subtle diss “Xiao (Kai Ye), you sing very well, but Yan Jun, you sing even better”.

Xiao Kai Ye wins with 46 votes to 11.


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