Sing China Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Image result for 【FULL】《中国新歌声2》第11期: 奕迅杰伦组内冠军战 陈奕迅为赛前发飙向学员道歉 杨千嬅助阵老友Eason SING!CHINA S2 EP.11 20170922 [浙江卫视官方HD]


Sing China Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Watch Episode 11 on Youtube here.

Du Xing Ying vs. Zhang Ze

Du Xing Ying (杜星萤) and Waa Wei (魏如萱) sing 末路狂花. I find the song irritating, but it’s not the singers’ fault. I’m just not a fan of the song. Also both singers are so… alike? Like their hair, even their stage mannerisms are the same.

Zhang Ze and Li Rong Hao sing 内疚. (Also OT but Li Rong Hao and Rainie Yang are so cute, ahh. Last week he admitted to their relationship during his Taipei concert, after she was invited on stage to sing one of the songs.) Ooh Zhang Ze can sing, y’all. Of course, he beatboxes too. Didn’t ever imagine a Chinese ballad with beatboxing, but hey it kinda works.

LOL Waa Wei praises Zhang Ze’s beatboxing ability but also says his dimple is very mesmerizing. She also says she really had a lot of fun performing with Du Xing Ying today. Eason says Du Xing Ying can work a little more on incorporating body movements into the song. Really? I felt like her stage presence wasn’t the issue. It was the weird song and excessive vocal technique stuff.

Zhang Ze wins with 34 votes (all 3 judges voted for him), to 23.

Gu Jie Ying vs. Ye Xiao Yue vs. Yu Zi Bei

Gu Jie Ying sings 喜欢你现在的样子 with Kay Huang. The song is really boring. A shame, really, because not only is the song boring, Gu Jie Ying doesn’t even get to show off her powerful vocals here.

Ye Xiao Yue sings/raps 平反之路 with Miriam Yeung. Her rap is meh but hey I’m just glad that hip hop is gaining more traction in China. Also I find it amusing that Na Ying seems to bring up Vinida (her student from the previous season) whenever there’s a rapper contestant on the show.

Ye Xiao Yue wins with 49 votes to 8. EH? But Gu Jie Ying isn’t out of the competition just yet though, since she’s in a three-competitor group. She will now face off against Yu Zi Bei.

Yu Zi Bei and Miriam Yeung sing 可惜我是水瓶座. Oh hey it’s another standard ballad. HAHA Eason says Yu Zi Bei has a voice of a guy who’s going through puberty LOL WHAT. Someone make a gif of Yu Zi Bei’s reaction, please.

Yu Zi Bei gets 24 votes, including 2 of the judges’ picks, but Gu Jie Ying wins with 33 votes. Aw, I’m gonna miss Yu Zi Bei’s reactions, which are all gold.

Xiao Kai Ye vs. Zhang Ze

Kai Ye sings a R&B song 臭美. Ay, this song isn’t bad. My favorite performance so far in this episode (which actually isn’t saying much, considering that half of these songs were standard boring ballads). Ooh I like that funky synth in the middle of the song.

Zhang Ze beatboxes 周大侠. This doesn’t sound good. Like at all.

Eason says he’s proud of both competitors. Jay says he’s happy Zhang Ze chose to sing a cover of his song, and says he thinks Zhang Ze has a lot of self-confidence to sing a shorter song.

Xiao Kai Ye wins with 57 votes, Zhang Ze gets 44 votes. Eason had 50 votes at his disposal; he gave 30 to Xiao Kai Ye and 20 to Zhang Ze. Interesting. I like that he actually voted, unlike Na Ying, who just forfeited her 50-vote advantage.

Gu Jie Ying vs. Ye Xiao Yue

Somehow these two are competing against each other again. Ye Xiao Yue sings Bad Boy. Ok the way she whispers “I wish you good luck” is low-key creepy. But her rap improves progressively through the song, so that’s a plus I guess.

Gu Jie Ying sings 失了分寸. At least this ballad is semi-interesting. I prefer this performance over Ye Xiao Yue’s rap.

Jay says Xiao Yue’s rendition of Bad Boy was quite brave and exciting and praises the arrangement. He proceeds to name various chords, lol.

Ye Xiao Yue wins with 57 votes, Gu Jie Ying gets 44 votes. Eason gave 30 votes to Xiao Yue and 20 to Jie Ying.

So the two final winners from Team Eason are Xiao Kai Ye and Ye Xiao Yue.


Wow Team Jay’s team opening performance is so great!! I love the energy. Da Bu even raps, haha.


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