Sing China Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

Image result for 【FULL】《中国新歌声2》第12期: 杰伦欢哥组内冠军战 哈林回归舞台助唱董姿彦 准爸爸张杰甘做绿叶助阵刘欢战队 SING!CHINA S2 EP.12 20170929 [浙江卫视官方HD]

In this episode, the 51-judge panel and the judges decide the winner of Team Jay Chou and Team Liu Huan. My favorite team this season is Team Jay Chou :))) But only one member can move on to the Bird’s nest finals :(((

Watch Episode 12 on Youtube here.

Chen Ying En vs. Da Bu Xi Le Tu

Chen Ying En and her duet partner, Cao Yang, sing 记得. It’s another ballad, but it sounds good!

Da Bu Xi Le Tu’s duet partner is Na Ying. Eto… Huh? They sing 那又怎样. This song also sounds good, shit.

Harlem praises Da Bu’s unique vocal color. Eason says he’s always touched by Ying En’s singing, but he said her stage with her duet partner felt a bit 陌生, as if the two don’t really match super well together. On the other hand, Eason says Na Ying and Da Bu’s duet has more chemistry.

Eason and Liu Huan vote. Na Ying cannot vote this round because she was Da Bu’s duet partner. Ying En says she’s thankful for Sing China for introducing so many Chinese songs to her, and she thanks Jay for calling her one day (he suggested that she sing the song a half-step higher and lower). Da Bu thanks Na Ying and says he has felt the kindness of the other teacher (LOL are you regretting choosing Jay? haha) for her patience in teaching him how to sing. He says he’s a student and has learned so many things since coming onto the show.

Oh shit. Da Bu wins with 33 votes, Ying En gets 22. (But both judges voted for her.)

😦 </3 But ay Jay says that he’ll invite her to sing at his Malaysia concert.

Olinda Cho vs. Dong Zi Yan

Olinda Cho (卓猷燕) and Harlem sing 安静. Sounds good, but I think Harlem slightly overshadows her. Olinda says that this song is meaningful to her because when she was going through a breakup, her friends suggested that she sing karaoke, and this song expressed her sentiments well.

Dong Zi Yan and Harlem sing 老实情歌. It’s good but I think I like her other performances more. But still, I love how you can hear her smile through the song. And Harlem is just great.

Liu Huan says one is steel, the other is gentle, both really just performed well. Na Ying praises how Dong Zi Yan is able to perform on stage, even dancing at some parts, and not going off-key at the same time.

Dong Zi Yan wins with 51 votes to 6.

Da Bu vs. Dong Zi Yan

Da Bu sings Dear Friend. I think his peak performance was still 第三人称 from his blind audition, but this is still good. I mean anything he sings is gonna be good just from his godly voice alone.

Dong Zi Yan sings Open Arms. Hm, maybe she changed her playful happy concept here to demonstrate her versatility? The song is still jazzy, but it is melancholy. Gosh I love the part where she hums. Wow this is great.

Eason says Da Bu should try to focus his gaze on one point instead of switching his gaze, for more emotional impact. He also says he wasn’t able to hear Dong Zi Yan’s inner heart (like her performance was more surface-level). Really? Because I started tearing up in the middle of her performance.

Dong Zi Yan wins with 62 votes, Da Bu gets 39. Aw Da Bu, I’ll miss you.

LOL “我回去上学去了” (translation: Da Bu has to go back to school)

… Liu Huan’s team performance. … Well, I like that there’s many genres… I guess…

Zha Xi Ping Zuo vs. Hu Si Mo

Zha Xi Ping Zuo and Tan Wei Wei sing 窗. I like it, probably one of the better duos tonight in terms of chemistry.

At first I thought Hu Si Mo wasn’t going to sing again, but then the beat started and he started singing, good. Whoa, Zhang Jie is quite handsome. This song is kinda funky but I feel like I’ve heard this melody somewhere before? Sounds alright I guess. Best part is the electric guitar solo tbh.

Zha Xi Ping Zuo wins with 48 votes, Hu Si Mo gets 9. (Two judges voted for Zha Xi Ping Zuo, one voted for Hu Si Mo.)

Ji Hang vs. Zi Zi

Ji Hang and Tan Wei Wei sing 鱼鸟之恋. Eh, I’m not a big fan of the song. Also just awkward when the girl is trying to get close to the dude and he awkwardly hugs air. The song is supposed to be sexy I guess, but it’s really just an annoying song. The high notes are piercing but not in a good way.

Zi Zi and Zhang Jie sing Just One Last Dance. Ehhhhhh. But this performance >> Ji Hang’s duet in this episode.

Also why is Na Ying wearing those sunglasses.

Zi Zi wins with 47 votes, Ji Hang gets 10. (2 judges voted for Zi Zi)

Zha Xi Ping Zuo vs. Zi Zi

Zha Xi Ping Zuo sings a self-composed song 阿妈的手. It’s beautiful. This should be the soundtrack to nature documentaries, seriously.

Zi Zi sings a self-composed song 你都好吗. Is this the battle of self-compositions, lol. It’s actually not bad!

Zha Xi Ping Zuo wins with 73 votes, Zi Zi gets 28. (Liu Huan voted 26 votes for Zha Xi Ping Zuo and 24 for Zi Zi.)

So the competitors going to the final are:

Team Na Ying: Guo Qing

Team Eason: Xiao Kai Ye and Ye Xiao Yue

Team Jay: Joanna Dong

Team Liu Huan: Zha Xi Ping Zuo


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