Sing China Season 2 Episode 13 Mini Recap (Final)

I’m not posting a full recap because I don’t have that much time. Also the episode is extra long this time.

Watch the full episode on Youtube here.

Eason and Ye Xiao Yue sing a duet. This is pretty bad. Eason says her voice is more stable than his in this performance.

Jay and Joanna perform 简单爱. Ehhh it’s good, but falls flat a bit for me emotionally. Is it just the acoustics of the Bird’s Nest?

Na Ying and Guo Qing sing 三生三世十里桃花. This is good, but this song gets boring after the first verse.

Eason and Xiao Kai Ye sing 不该. It’s pretty good. I like this melody. Xiao Kai Ye’s voice is actually quite stable (even more so than Eason’s at some parts). Eason is almost robotic in the first verse, but he puts more emotion into his voice at the chorus. So far this is my favorite duet in this episode.

Zha Xi Ping Zuo and Liu Huan sing a nice song 我和你.  High notes are clear. But I like the melody of 不该 more.

At the end of the first round, the two leading in votes are Guo Qing and Joanna.

Ye Xiao Yue sings 我的时代. Ehhhhhhhhhh. She’s got strong stage presence though.

Xiao Kai Ye sings 他不爱我. Her voice is so pretty!

Guo Qing sings 但愿人长久. The song is kinda boring.

Guo Qing leads Xiao Kai Ye in votes, so the latter is eliminated. My goodness, Xiao Kai Ye looks gorgeous in that dress.

Dong Zi Yan sings 掌声响起. Why do so many songs tonight sound like they could be part of the Lion King soundtrack?

Dong Zi Yan leads Ye Xiao Yue in votes; the latter is eliminated.

Zha Xi Ping Zuo sings 鸟人. This is alright. The part where he sings in Tibetan ❤

Of the three remaining competitors, Dong Zi Yan has the least amount of votes and is eliminated.

Guo Qing sings 传奇。It sounds pretty good. But for me this is the type of song that gets boring after the first verse.

Zha Xi Ping Zuo sings 齐天. WHOA. This is great. Was not expecting that rap, but anyway the song is awesome.

Lol the announcer and his constant OPPO talk.

Anyway, Zha Xi Ping Zuo wins (though by a relatively small margin).


My standout performances from tonight: 不该 (Eason and Xiao Kai Ye duet) and 齐天 (Zha Xing Ping Zuo).

Congrats to Zha Xing Ping Zuo (Tashi Phuntsok), winner of Sing China Season 2! I’m pretty happy with the outcome; he was one of my favorites.


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