Twice ‘Likey’ Review

The Instagram theme for this comeback is the perfect metaphor for Twice. After all, the girl group is known for its bubble pop, cute sound, instantly memorable poses, and catchy tunes.

Likey immediately sounds like TT, but dare I say — it’s even better than its predecessor. The melodies continue one after the other without break, never allowing the listener to get bored. The daring choice to put the chorus in the beginning of the song (which is rarely seen in Kpop, actually) pays off, immediately drawing in listeners with the earworm likey likey. While TT will probably remain the classic Twice song, the foundation of its popularity relies more on the viral TT pose than the actual melody. Likey’s LL pose may not be as iconic, but it’s the better song.

Music video production for Likey is good. There are some cool video editing things going on, including stop motion and a change in perception (is that an actual technique? Anyway, I’m referring to when the camera zooms in on Tzuyu’s eye, or when Tzuyu rollerblading switches to Nayeon biking). I’m just *slightly* disappointed that this time there’s no MV plotline. Maybe JYP decided to fuck having any storyline because he knew people would just focus on visuals instead.

Speaking of visuals: Everyone is so pretty, but it’s like everyone got prettier for this comeback. It’s insane how much visual is in this group. Jihyo’s styling is especially on point. Jungyeon’s hair is gorgeous. I also have to applaud their stylist — the outfits are so cute!

Everyone’s parts were quite fitting. Seriously, Momo’s voice perfectly fits that line where she talks about BB cream. I think the only change I would make is to switch Mina and Jihyo’s parts — specifically, have Mina sing the hook and Jihyo sing the prechorus.

I’m glad Twice got this song from Black Eyed Pilseung. While Knock Knock (and to a lesser extent, Signal) was a solid hit, it didn’t quite feel like ‘Twice’. In some ways it lacked the saccharine cuteness of Cheer Up and TT. Twice has gotten back onto the right track with Likey.



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