Lovelyz ‘Twinkle’ Short Review

Image result for lovelyz twinkle teaser image

This song is so cute! (Also, I’m so excited for Christmas. The snow spraycan they were spraying reminds me of how much I miss the snow back at home.)

0:35-0:52 was such an epic buildup sequence, but unfortunately the verse afterwards felt like filler in comparison. I do like the break from the melody where they do the half-rap thing (‘Ding dong dang’) which helps get away from the monotony. Thankfully, the chorus is actually quite nice and catchy in a Disney-esque magical way.

There’s something about this song that reminds me of IU’s earlier releases (like You and I). It might be the fairy tale vibe or the Christmas bells stuff going on in the background, I dunno.  I think there’s even a person who sings the latter part of the chorus that sounds like her, lol. Not that this is a bad thing, since I actually love IU’s older songs.


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