Twice ‘Heartshaker’ Review

2017 has been a busy but rewarding year for Twice. They’ve come back four times, debuted in Japan, and continue to rise as one of the most popular girl groups of this generation. It’s December now, and Twice spoils us once again with a new song — Heartshaker.

The funny thing is normally I dislike Twice songs on the first listen. (The songs do grow on me though.) But I didn’t feel that way with Heartshaker. Actually it was rather mild and nice, but sounds more like a safe B-side than a title track. This isn’t really a bad thing — even if this means less music show wins, this means the girls finally get to rest from hectic schedules.

The song kinda feels like Knock Knock, both songs being pleasant enough, but without enough interesting elements to warrant much repeated listens. Contrast this to Signal, which everyone hates, but at least it’s more entertaining. JIRRIT JIRRIT

This might actually be my favorite MV in terms of Tzuyu screentime. (Yes, she’s my bias.) I love how she brought back her legendary Sixteen dance move at 0:25, as well as the awesome clock pose. I was kinda confused by Twice 2.0 towards the end of the video but I guess that was cool too. (I bet the staff were thinking how they could make up for the low-budget, PPL-filled MV and just decided to give everyone two times as much Twice.)

Somehow I feel like Korea will like this song more than Likey, mostly because it has an actual chorus that doesn’t consist of just one word. Even better, it’s kind of catchy (even if it’s the only catchy part of the song). Music-wise, my favorite part is probably Mina’s solo towards the end.

Serious question: Did the staff repurpose the bus from LOA (0:40) into a restaurant?

Also, the outfits are on point. Everything from the Gee jeans to the flowers in Momo’s hair is lovely.


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