Twice ‘Candy Pop’ Review

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Right now the music video has 217K upvotes and 12K upvotes. This means that for every 18 people who like the video, only 1 person dislikes the video! This is a pretty good like to dislike ratio for Twice, considering that the Signal MV ratio is more like 3:1. While this could mean that more people like the Candy Pop song more, this could just mean that Twice haters cannot keep up with the pace of Twice releases. It is a bit bewildering to think about just how blessed us Onces (Twice fans) are in terms of how much new music the group puts out for us. I’m happy, but I also hope Twice gets vacation time, not just short break periods.

It seems like Candy Pop is directed more towards a younger female audience, so I’m assuming the majority of their fanbase in Japan is actually pretty young / female (which is interesting; I always thought Twice attracted more fanboys than fangirls). The main protagonist is a little girl (which reminded me of the kids from the TT music video) and Twice is shown as anime magical girls towards the start of the video. I actually love this anime concept because I watch some anime, but I can see why some people might not like it as much because it detracts from screentime for the actual real-life Twice members. Which, honestly, doesn’t matter too much to me since Twice comes back so often– heck, I’d be fine if none of them appeared in this MV at all if that would mean they got more rest!

The song also sounds really cutesy, and while it doesn’t have any really unique earworm elements, it is easy to listen to. Some people complain about Twice sticking to the ‘cutesy’ concept, but I’d say this is a smart business move. I mean, this cutesy concept seems to be working fine for them, cementing their status as one of the top girl groups of their generation. Why should they risk a different concept?

I love that Mina once again snatches the bridge part. What a queen. Also, I hate the Youtube comment section for suggesting that animated JYP looks like Brock from Pokemon. Thanks, I can never look at Brock the same again.

Also, at 3:00, did anyone else think of Magic School Bus?

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Watch the video here:


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