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I was so invested in Produce 101 S2, so I’m actually really excited about Idol Producer. I love MC Jin, Li Rong Hao, and Cheng Xiao, and I also like the other judges Kyulkyung, Jackson, and Lay, so even if the trainees turn out to be uninteresting I’ll probably keep following the show for the judges. Here are some of my thoughts on the trainees’ introduction videos so far.

First, my favorite audition:

Too cute. I will be rooting for you, Xu Kaihao!

— My other favorite trainees will be bolded.

  1. Jung Jung introduction video – I remember Jung Jung from Produce 101 S2, mainly because he was such a good dancer. I’m pretty sure he will do well on Idol Producer because he actually got a lot of screen time in the theme song MV.
  2. Fan Cheng Cheng introduction video – I find it amusing that the Youtube comments say that his rap isn’t that good when honestly it just sounds the same as most idol rap anyways.
  3. Cai Xukun introduction video – So is this the Jihoon of Idol Producer?
  4. Han Mubo introduction video – Lol at the cello starting on a slightly off note. I can relate TT. His voice is decent so he’s probably the Jaehwan of Idol Producer. Funnily enough he kind of looks like him too.
  5. Zhou Rui introduction video – His self-composed song is actually good though. He’s got an alright voice so he might end up in the vocal line.
  6. Yu Hao (Hook) introduction video – Wait but the vocals on Idol Producer actually aren’t horrible.
  7. Mu Zi Yang introduction video – WHAT IS THIS CRINGE, THIS IS THE CONTENT THAT I LOVE. 
  8. Qin Fen introduction video – Eh.
  9. Qiu Zhixie introduction video – This guy’s pretty cool, seems like he likes languages.
  10. Huang Ruohan introduction video – Meh, but yes for the Detective Conan bgm.
  11. Lou Zibo introduction video – His dance is absolutely stunning. Also a great entrance.
  12. Zhu Yunyi introduction video – Really creative popping intro where he mimics a robot.
  13. Li Ruotian introduction video – The best part about his audition is when he realizes he doesn’t have much time to speak so he just rushes the rest of his speech, showcasing potential rapping ability.
  14. Jiang Jingzuo introduction video – His martial arts moves looked cool.
  15. Xu Heni introduction video – I bet he’s cringing internally when he says “I hope I can say goodnight to you all every night.” Even I got second-hand embarrassment.
  16. Ming Peng introduction video – Doesn’t he look like the male lead from the Kdrama Sassy Go Go? I feel like he could debut as an actor in China and end up very successful; his visuals are quite good.
  17. Song Shuijiao introduction video – If he changes his atrocious hair, I think he’s actually one of the better-looking trainees on the show. I love how he gives no fucks and just tries going to sleep for his audition (a wordplay on his name, which has the same sound as the phrase for ‘sleeping’ in Chinese).
  18. Xiao Gui introduction video – He messes up on his rap twice, and pauses before listing his hobbies, as if trying to think of what to say next. Is this a freestyle then?
  19. Lu Dinghao introduction video – I think many people will vote for him since he’s one of the better-looking trainees.
  20. Lin Haokai introduction video – Wait, let me get this straight. The interviewer asks you why you wanted to climb Mt. Everest, and you reply by saying that it’s because when you’re climbing, you don’t have to talk to people? Anyway, thought it was pretty cool that he was the first minor to climb Mt. Everest. And lol what he actually counts down from five, why are you like this.
  21. Xu Shengen introduction video – His rap kind of sounds like he’s reading fast poetry.
  22. Qian Zhenghao introduction video – HIS SMILE IS SO CUTE. And his singing voice is legit, I think this guy will make it far in this competition. Bonus points for liking One Punch Man.
  23. Li Rang introduction video – It’s bothering me that he’s not looking straight at the camera.
  24. Deng Langyi introduction video – His shirt confuses me.
  25. Yu Bin introduction video – Okay that hand move was pretty genius.
  26. Yu Minjun introduction video – Was not expecting Guanlin to show up towards the end of the video lol. But apparently they’re good friends? I wonder how they know each other since Guanlin’s from Taiwan and I think Minjun’s from mainland China. Minjun’s visuals kind of remind me of GOT7’s Mark, and if he gets rid of the yellow hair I think he would look much better.
  27. Zhang Dayuan introduction video – Aw the poor dude was trying to catch his breath for the entire length of the speech.
  28. Zhang Yixuan introduction video – I feel like it would be funnier if I understood the video game references.
  29. Zhang Yifan introduction – It’s kind of sad that for people to remember his name, he said “I’m not Zhang Yixing (Lay) or Wu Yifan (Kris), but Zhang Yifan.”
  30. Jin Yihan introduction – Those visuals though. I think he was afraid of forgetting his speech because sometimes before his words he would kind of pause as if trying to remember the exact words he memorized.
  31. Bo Fan introduction – I was wondering if he was going to take off his sunglasses, and he did. He sort of looks like Kim Woo Bin (they’re both tall too). Why was he holding the plant though, I’m kind of disappointed that it wasn’t so much of a prop in the audition as much as it was just there.
  32. He Jiageng introduction – He’s kinda cute.
  33. Wang Ziyi introduction – “So jiggy”.
  34. J.One introduction – Eh.
  35. Wang Zihao introduction – His dance was great.
  36. Chen Linong introduction – This guy gets it. Just keep smiling at the screen.
  37. Gao Maotong introduction – One of the best visuals so far.
  38. Wu Lianjie introduction – His side profile reminded me of my middle school crush. But what was he trying to eat towards the end of the video? And why?
  39. Hou Haoran introduction – Another member of the vocal line, probably.
  40. Li Xinyan introduction – Aw, that dough creation is sort of cute.
  41. Bei Honglin introduction – “Mom’s spaghetti”………..??
  42. Wang Youchen introduction – Eh.
  43. Zhu Xingjie introduction – Those magic tricks were so cool though.
  44. Qin Zimo introduction – He’s a visual and an otaku, ay. DAMMIT THE HEART AT THE END
  45. Hu Zhibang introduction – It’s a dumb joke but I love dumb jokes. 
  46. Liang Hui introduction – Haha at his self-awareness.
  47. Sun Fanjie introduction – I thought I was listening to a sermon, his words were too deep.
  48. Sun Haoran introduction – Not enough screentime for the rubber chicken.
  49. Zhou Yanchen introduction – VISUAL.
  50. Wan Yuxian introduction – Eh.
  51. Jia Li introduction – I feel like I would like this audition more if I understood the reference.
  52. Zhang Xin introduction – I think this is the third imitation robot dance I’ve seen on the show so far.
  53. Zhao Yuche introduction – I was going to write “Eh” until he pulled out the microphone thing and repeated his name like ten times. This guy’s great.
  54. Traple introduction – If people ever make a vocal range video for this guy, he just made it easier for them.
  55. Li Xikan introduction – I completely understand his small eyes complex. I also have pretty small eyes.
  56. Li Quanzhe introduction – That’s actually pretty clever. He showcased two types of abilities as sort of set menus, then said if the audience wants to know the mystery menu then they should vote for him.
  57. Bi Wenjun introduction – This guy kind of looks like Kris / Nana (After School).
  58. Jiang Dahe introduction – So the thing is, I’ve listened to Chinese rap before. Maybe it’s because of how the language is structured, but it just doesn’t seem to flow well in rap. Maybe that’s why this guy chose to rap in English. But the thing is, the lyrics tend to drastically decrease in quality when they try to write English lyrics. “figity wasted”
  59. Ling Qi introduction – Ahhh his favorite anime are Naruto and Case Closed, yes! Maybe he’s aiming for milk advertisements.
  60. Ye Hongxi introduction – Eh.
  61. Zuo Ye introduction – His name is actually pretty easy to remember since it sounds like ‘homework’ in Chinese.
  62. Ling Chao introduction – Whut. I’m confused, but I just know that this guy is quite pretty.
  63. Zhou Tengyang introduction – Eh.
  64. Min Zhexiang introduction – Eh.
  65. Jing Peiyao introduction – Was not expecting that deep of a voice, wow. Dang he only trained for a month.
  66. Jeffrey introduction – Eh.
  67. Huang Shuhao introduction – Nice visuals.
  68. Luo Zheng introduction – Lol he wants to work towards 90 marks because the remaining 10 marks “十分需要你” which is a pun because literally this means he really needs the support of the producers, but on the other hand it means the ten points need the producers’ support.
  69. Zhu Yuntian introduction – Pretty cool how he used to be a national football (soccer) athlete.
  70. Rapen introduction – Guanlin’s relevancy though.
  71. Li Junyi introduction – He kept saying he’s not this, he’s not that, but all I wanted to know was who he really is then.
  72. Huang Xinchun introduction – Eh.
  73. Ding Zeren introduction – That song is so annoying.
  74. Yang Yi introduction – So many of these auditions are just puns.
  75. Han Yongjie introduction – Some of his facial expressions seemed like he wanted to sneeze, but I did like his move at the end.
  76. Luo Jie (Roger) introduction – Clever way of integrating dance moves into a skit. What was the doll about though?
  77. He Dongdong introduction – This guy says really cringy stuff but somehow I don’t feel second-hand embarrassment. It feels like an effective use of 1 minute.
  78. Gigel introduction – Eh.
  79. Chen Minghao introduction – Eh. He’s kind of a visual though.
  80. Zheng Ruibin introduction – He says he’s not a visual in the self-composed song, but I think he’s kinda cute?
  81. Justin introduction – I hope he goes far in this competition.
  82. Lu Chenyu introduction – That fish drawing is so cute.
  83. Gan Jun introduction – His favorite food is salad, omg. At least his rap isn’t #SWAG.
  84. Ying Zhiyue introduction – Just by his self-composed song you can tell how much all ballads sound like each other.
  85. You Zhangjing introduction – This was alright.
  86. Wang Yilong introduction – I want those pajamas.
  87. Zhang Yankai introduction – That… rap…
  88. Yang Feitong introduction – This was also alright.
  89. Dong Yanlei introduction – Kinda has model visuals. I don’t really understand his skit though.
  90. Lin Chaoze introduction – I was wondering when I’d see a dab.
  91. Li Changgeng introduction – For his first time being on camera he actually didn’t seem that shy.
  92. Lin Yanjun introduction – Those visuals though.
  93. Chen Siqi introduction – So many otakus on this show, I can’t. He even quotes an anime ahhh.
  94. Zhu Yiwen introduction – Eh.
  95. Qin Junyi introduction – He’d actually look pretty cute if he cuts his hair a bit.
  96. Li Zhijie introduction – I was like “Okay, another piano performance” but he was one step ahead of me. He had already predicted that so he started pressing random notes to get the audience’s attention haha.
  97. Yue Yue introduction – His voice is quite nice.
  98. Zhang Yuchen introduction – Wait did he choreograph this though because isn’t that Kang Daniel’s legendary thigh move?
  99. Gary introduction – Can’t find his audition on Youtube.
  100. Xu Kaihao introduction – My favorite trainee so far! (See top video)

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