Twice “What is Love” Brief Review

I wish I hadn’t seen comments comparing Twice to Kidz Bop, because that’s pretty much how I feel about most of their releases. Don’t question my affiliation as a Once — trust me, I’m a big fan of Twice. It’s because I follow them so religiously that I want them to release quality songs. Their company doesn’t care about this, obviously. Twice doesn’t need good songs to sell albums; their brand is enough. While I understand this, I also just want to hear good music, dammit.

What is Love is just boring. I’m tired of hearing that xylophone sound in Twice songs because it’s associated with my least favorite Twice tracks (Knock Knock, Candy Pop). I was excited at first when I heard JYP was producing this track, because at least Signal was weird. This song doesn’t stand out at all. Come on, JYP, I had faith in you.


Also, did their stylists stop giving a fuck? How could you go from

Image result for twice tt outfits


Image result for twice ignals outfits

to this?

Image result for twice what is love outfits

Well, the music video is good at least. Tzuyu is stunning as Juliet.


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