Idol Producer Episode 1 Thoughts

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I wasn’t expecting much from Idol Producer, but wow, this show has exceeded my expectations. Visuals-wise and skills-wise there’s a definite downgrade felt from Produce 101, but this doesn’t mean there’s no visuals at all, or no talent at all. Actually, many trainees on this show seem to have talent. What I mean by talent is that many of the Chinese trainees seem to possess stable singing abilities and self-composing skills. Obviously, talent doesn’t really matter as much as visuals when it comes to these type of survival shows (if Produce 101 was any indication at all), but it’s still appreciated when there’s a lack of visuals.
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Idol Producer Introduction Videos

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I was so invested in Produce 101 S2, so I’m actually really excited about Idol Producer. I love MC Jin, Li Rong Hao, and Cheng Xiao, and I also like the other judges Kyulkyung, Jackson, and Lay, so even if the trainees turn out to be uninteresting I’ll probably keep following the show for the judges. Here are some of my thoughts on the trainees’ introduction videos so far. Continue reading

Fox Spirit Matchmaker is back!

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I didn’t realize how much I had missed this series, but I’m glad it’s back. Episode 64 seems to be more slapstick humor than actual substance, but whatever. I’m just happy this series is continuing. I know they’re trying to pull the jealousy card here with Bai Yue Chu gladly eating food from the evil person, but come on, it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t have any feelings for her. He just likes the food. Continue reading