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Fox Spirit Matchmaker fav scene #3

Ep. 40 Hong Hong tells Dong Fang Yue Chu she can no longer love anyone, her heart is solely set on accomplishing the goal of her savior: for humans and yao guai to live in harmony.

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Fox Spirit Matchmaker fav scene #2

In ep. 22, Dong Fang Yue Chu saves Wang Fu Gui from his father, who doesn’t want him to go to the outside world. Wang Fu Gui’s father supposedly has 500 soldiers waiting in the forest to capture them, but they are all slain.

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Why Chihayafuru shouldn’t focus on the romance

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I tried watching Chihayafuru last year and dropped the series at around the fifth episode. Yesterday and today, I marathoned the first season. In this post I’ll talk about the reasons I dropped the show the first time around, and why I continued this time. I’ll also just ramble about the series, which really is a great watch. Continue reading