Le Coup de Foudre Episode 1 Thoughts

—The breaking-the-third-wall interview that occurs within the first few minutes of the show reminds me a lot of Reply 1994. I like this technique, but I feel like its utilization is more apt in the Reply series, where the method brings viewers to question who becomes the main lead’s husband. In Le Coup de Foudre, however, we already know that the main leads get married: Wu Qian’s character reveals this in the first minute. In this case, there is no more suspense, and thus feels more like the method is just there to experiment with narrative telling, rather than serving as a strategic plot device.

—Also, what is up with the OPs of Chinese dramas?! Very often they spoil so much plot. In this case, we see the two second leads getting married!

—The settings seem a bit random at times. Qiao Yi and her best friend choose to meet up at a bookstore, we have no context as towards why a bookstore, they flip through books without looking at them, then strike a conversation about an upcoming student reunion. Clearly, the scene was meant to enlighten viewers that such an event was coming up, although it seems more like a means to an end.

—Pacing… is a bit slow?

—Aw, her boss at the television station is really nice. The life lesson scene was great.

—And the episode progressively gets better! Yan Mo is so good-looking lol. I like the Romeo and Juliet feel, though we probably won’t find out what was keeping Qiao Yi from saying yes to starting a relationship with Yan Mo until later. My guess is either she didn’t want to hinder his studies (oh, noble idiocy) or was forced to by his parents.


Upcoming Cdrama: An Oriental Odyssey

ASDFJKL; I was scrolling through Wu Qian’s weibo and saw these stills, and somehow I thought she was second lead again… but lo and behold she is playing the main role!! Continue reading

Wu Qian and Luhan in phone commercial

Image result for fighter of the destiny

Wu Qian and Luhan have a possible loveline in upcoming xianxia drama Fighter of the Destiny, and the commercial below highlights possible chemistry between the two. They’re both adorable and would make a cute couple.

Fighter of the Destiny premieres in 2017 and also stars Guli Nazha. Continue reading