Cdrama Sparrow boasts an impressive cast ensemble

BTW I have recapped Sparrow on my blog. The recaps can be found under the “Recap Index” tab.

li yifeng sparrow

Cast for Sparrow 麻雀 includes Li Yifeng, Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun, Li Xiaoran, and Adi Kan. This is a republican drama, and from the trailer there appears to be spying between the CCP and KMT factions, with people trying to figure out the identity of traitor Sparrow. There’s also no set release date yet, sadly. This is one of the dramas I’m more excited for, along with Rookie Agent Rouge.

The one thing I can never understand about trailers for Chinese dramas is that they always seem to spoil so much plot! I thought the whole point of a trailer was to leave enough cliffhangers so that the audience would watch the actual drama.


More stills:

sparrow zhou dong yu.jpgli yi feng sparrow chinese drama.jpg

Which OTP to root for? I think I might have second lead syndrome again, oops.

zhou dongyu li yifeng.jpgzhang ruoyun sparrow.jpg

And gifs (from iqiyi weibo) :



2 thoughts on “Cdrama Sparrow boasts an impressive cast ensemble

  1. shannymelbournian

    trailers reveals soooo much spoilers in the plot , (for example who is hugging with who , who is holding hands with who etc). we can actually see which female character Zhang ruo yun (the hot second male lead) seems to have interest in (not zhou dong yu)

    I am really curious as to why did Li Yi Feng become a traitor and hence a “sparrow”, even betray boss and the girl that he loved.


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      I am so hoping that Zhang Ruoyun’s character ends up actually falling in love with Zhou Dongyu’s character in the drama though. I ship the two together so much.

      By the way the recap for episodes 3 and 4 is up now if you’re interested!

      Thanks for reading and commenting ^^



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