Sing China Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Image result for 【FULL】《中国新歌声2》第3期: 周杰伦被学妹现场追问恋爱经验 与那英再组姐弟联盟抢学员 SING!CHINA S2 EP.03 20170728 [浙江卫视官方HD]Sing China Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

First up is 26-year-old Han Shuai from Mongolia. He sings 烽火扬州路. I think this is the first rocker of season 2 so far, right? It’s good, but I’m not a big fan of the song. Eason turns towards the end of the song. He’s currently a main singer in a band, and is also part of another Chongqing performance group (singing actor). Eason says his voice could be a little more “sha”, or a kind of gritty sound, and Han Shuai replies “Ok” in a gritty tone, lol.

Next is 20-year-old Shao Yuan 邵元 from Henan, a main singer in a band. He sings a ballad 推开世界的门. I like his voice, it’s very resonant and full of emotion. He actually has a lot of that gritty tone that I think Eason was looking for in the previous competitor, haha. Na Ying is somehow the only judge who turns. ?? Na Ying says his voice is very unique and was able to convey a sense of hope through his singing.

25-year-old Xiao Ming Ye 肖敏晔 from Guangdong sings 回到过去. The song sounds like a stereotypical Chinese ballad, but I guess her interpretation of the song is really good, because three judges turn, Jay Chou, Liu Huan, and Eason Chan. Turns out this song is one of Jay Chou’s earlier works, and Xiao Ming Ye says she really liked the song when she was younger. Jay compliments her interpretation of the song but also says she can work on some of her notes, which are a bit wobbly. Eason says he actually likes the wobbly tone. She chooses Jay Chou as her teacher.

Next is 18-year-old Jeslyn Gu Jie Ying 古洁縈 from Malaysia. Ayyyy Malaysia ❤ She is not a college student; because of family circumstances she started working various jobs when she was 15. She sings Oh boy, originally sung by G.E.M.. Damn, her voice is fine. It’s got personality, and I think her song choice was also smart, allowing her to show off her vocals. Na Ying, Eason, and Liu Huan turn. Jay Chou compliments her explosive vocals. Eason and Liu Huan say she has vocal control — she can have powerful vocals but also know when to be more restrained. She chooses Eason as her teacher.

Next is 19-year-old Da Bu Xi Lei Tu, a student from Xinjiang who likes singing and writing his own songs. asdfjkl; I love his voice. It’s so smooth like honey. I’m in love. Holy this might be my favorite performance in this entire season so far. Jay Chou, Liu Huan, Eason turn. Jay says if he chooses him, he’ll let him sing his own self-composition next time. He chooses Jay as his teacher.

Next is 18-year-old Xi Lin Na Yi Gao 希林娜依高 from Xinjiang. She sings 无与伦比的美丽. I like her performance, her voice is very sweet. Eason and Na Ying turn. She chooses Na Ying as her teacher.

Next is 37-year-old Wang Le Ting from Zhejiang. He has a music career, typically records, writes, composes songs for others. He sings Leave Me Alone. I like how Na Ying turns even though she already has one rocker on her team. She was probably really impressed by this performance. Eason also turns. Both teachers really try to get him on their teams, and he ultimately chooses Na Ying as teacher.

Next is 30-year-old Yan Li Fei from Taiwan. She actually went to the same school as Jay, and in her intro video, says that Jay is her idol. Whoa, her voice is so cute ^^ None of the judges turn. Eason says she could sing a little more crazily. Jay tells a story about how when he was in school, he’d play piano in the piano room really loudly to impress people. Haha she gets to take a selfie with him and she looks so excited.

Next is 28-year-old Zhang Yi Teng from Sichuan. He sings 性别. Wow, his range is quite impressive. Ooh this song is so nice and jazzy. I like the synth. Na Ying and Liu Huan turn. He likes to experience many things like skydiving (o.o) and travelling and now he has come to this stage, since he does not want to regret anything. Eason says he’s skydived before, but his hair was kind of a mess and he resembled a rice ball lmao. He chooses Liu Huan as his teacher.

Next is 21-year-old She Xing Ying 杜星萤 from Wuhan. She sings 致姗姗来迟的你. I think I prefer the original but her cover is quite funky and she’s sung it in her style. Eason and Na Ying turn. Liu Huan praises her vocal technique. She says she started learning classical piano at age 6 and reached level 10 after 2.5 years!!!!! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL — She chooses Eason as her teacher.

Next is 23-year-old Xia Qi Ming 夏启明 from Hunan. He sings Only You. He is a big fan of Eason’s, and says even if none of the judges turn, the trip to the stage will be worth it for him if he can get Eason’s autograph. I freaking love this dude’s singing. YES EASON TURNS at the last moment.

Next is 24-year-old Ji Hang from He Bei, a main singer in a band. He sings a pop rock song 极乐世界. Na Ying and Liu Huan turn. His band currently has two members including himself. Some members had to leave due to relationship commitments. He hopes that his performance on Sing China could encourage the members who left to return to the band. He chooses Liu Huan as his teacher.


Team members

New members in bold.

Team Na Ying: Wang Le TingLin Na Yi GaoShao Yuan, Wang Zhen Nuo, Ye Xuan Qing

Team Jay Chou: Da Bu Xi Lei TuXiao Ming Ye, Zhu Wen Ting, Dong Zi Yan

Team Eason Chan: Xia Qi MingShe Xing YingHan ShuaiJeslyn, Yu Zi Bei, Yue Xiao Yue, Ci Ren La Ji, Zhang Ze

Team Liu Huan: Ji HangZhang Yi Teng, Zi Zi, Zha Xi Ping Zuo, Tang Bo Hu + Ju Hong Chuan, Hu Si Mo


Watch the full episode on Youtube here.


2 thoughts on “Sing China Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

  1. Randy Tan July 31, 2017 / 10:26 pm

    Gu Jie Ying is rather a hottie who can also sing ain’t she! Congrats to her for joining Eason’s team.

    Liked by 1 person

    • coffeenlucia August 1, 2017 / 9:37 am

      Yep, congrats to her! I liked that she picked a song that can show off her powerful vocals; it’s a nice respite from the softer ballads other contestants are choosing.


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